YAXS: Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre v3 powered by XOOPS

Posted by: playsomeOn 2012/9/17 9:50:00 32001 reads
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The website of Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre was launched in 2010 as a way let people in our local community know about events and services. Naturally we chose the worlds best CMS, Xoops.

Now we are proud to launch version 3 of our website, still powered by xoops but utilising new web technologies such as html 5, css3 and responsive design.

The new site features a custom built theme based on the xoops default theme and uses html 5 boilerplate as the html template for the theme. The site also uses many great xoops modules including article, xcgal, extcal, weblog and qpages/rmcommon.

Pretty much most the module templates where redesigned, alot of template code which we did not need to use was taken out and we had to rewrite templates which used mostly table layouts so that our responsive design would work.

the main xcgal templates now use divs instead of tables as do some of the extcal templates particularly for week list view and month list view, etc.

I think this really shows the power of xoops and how much xoops can be customised thanks to it's use of smarty templates.

you can check out version 3 of the website here: www.whitlawburncrc.org.uk, take a look on a desktop and a smartphone.

Let me know what you think.