XOOPS: DB Optimization Competition with Prizes

Posted by: MambaOn 2012/6/15 8:10:00 6230 reads
Calling all MySQL experts out there!

Recently we had some reports about Core and some modules generating too many queries, as reported by Tatane and Yasir

We would like to announce a competition for best/most MySQL database optimizations in XOOPS. This can happen in following areas:

a) existing Core queries
b) existing popular modules
c) new module with the best optimized way to access and manage MySQL database, incl. a tutorial on how it was done

Please submit your entries by July 15

This competition is sponsored by Webyog, which offers SQLyog, one of the best MySQL tools on the market. See the features here:


They offered to give us up to 5 copies of the Ultimate version (worth $179 each) to winners of a competition among XOOPS developers. Of course, it will depend on the number and quality of the entries, if we will use all five copies.

There are many very good tutorials and presentations about optimizing MySQL, but we're sure, you all know those tricks:




Let's see how could we use them to improve our Core and our Modules.

You can post solutions in this thread on Forums.