Modules: Xortify 3.06 - Cloud Protection & Network Security - XOOPS 2.5

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Xortify 3.06 - Cloud Protection & Network Security
Community release by Chronolabs

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What is this?
Xortify 3.06 is a client for - it provides protection on your site from spammers, harvestor, maluser, malbots and other nasties on the web, it also work in conjunction with protectors BAD IP system once you sign up as well as some other higher functions to make a honeypot in the XOOPS Community.

It currently uses 2 honeypots once you have a username on the cloud that is Stop Forum Spam and Project Honeypot. What is a honeypot, well this is something which monitors the community for malicious form submission and other stuff in the IP pool so protection and 3 month banning of an IP Address can occur from both the protector pool of information as well as these other 2 honeypots to provide seemless protection to your site and be 'pre-aware' of any nasties out there on the world wide web.

Just say someone is banned on then on any website running xortify then they will be displayed a ban notice. This include bans on Stop Forum Spam as well as Project Honeypot as per your preferences you have set on it.

Already there is a european cloud for xortify also run by the Dutch community which is at the URL of which is a secondary option in the cloud which is a floating cloud for xortify. Remember this also prevents captcha sweat shops, that is pretty much slavery to type past captcha and set up accounts on websites for less than $1 dollar a day, so you are helping human rights by running xortify. now supports IPv6 as well for your site to tunnel to as we have found a permanent home for it which has both IPv4 & IPv6 supported. So if you believe you are being attacked i suggest you run xortify 3.06 on it, which has had some minor fixes since 3.05 with regards to the cron it means you will only have a userbase which is your userbase and very little spam.

What exists in the future of Xortify's development?
We are currently talking with a few providers of spam sampling like Stop Forum Spam to get either a copy or access to their archives and a feed from there api to generate a hierestical checking system so content is checkable on the fly through the $_POST variable in PHP to a base score level for varieties of spam. This will have a limited number of calls without paying for a fee on the API but it will be high somewhere like 500 calls a day on a free account.

This means the content of your site will be checked to see if it contains any spamming hierestics and given a percentil score which you can cut off on base2, base3 and base4 of sentence varieties. It will also have limitations you can set in your Xortify client to the number of TLDs mentioned and so on. So no more Nike Shoe advertisement spammed through your website.

IS this the final production version?
For the moment this is the final production version for XOOPS 2.5, there is a little bit of work to do on the 2.6 version to bring it up to this versions model, but from what we can tell it is completely bug free and ready for any production machine.

Is it available on any other platforms
Currently there is an ICMS version, as well as we are working on a Joomla variety of Xortify called Jortify. The idea of a honeypot is the more people connected the better we are all protected so we are looking to expand to as many platforms as possible with this particular title.

What has the development life-cycle been like?
We have developed xortify now into series 3 in major revision changes, that is 3 major changes in the structure of how xortify works. It has been developed over the last 3 years, and through many bugs and trials and tribulations we have honed protection to it finest for XOOPS CMS. Although at times we have had some bad releases of xortify, this is in its finest hour and a great relief we have a final model for beating the bastards that attack many sites on the web.

How many sites use Xortify?
Xortify itself has had over 3000 signups to it cloud, however in the site or user pool with the combination of Project Honeypot and Stop forum spam, so the use of 3 honeypots, there is over 5 million sites that use the technologies behind xortify to provide protection to you on the web as a webmaster.