Modules: ModuleClasses 1.1 Released

Posted by: MageOn 2011/8/13 17:30:00 13791 reads
I am pleased to announce the release of Framework "Module Classes" 1.1

This framework aims to facilitate and standardize the administrative parts of the XOOPS modules:

Resized Image

The "ModuleAdmin" class completely manages the admin side of the module. It allows you to:

- Create the index page
- Create the about page
- Create Action buttons on all Admin pages

I recommend to use this framework for all your new modules - this way they can all share the same GUI and contribute to improved user friendliness. The upcoming XOOPS Basic Module Pack is already using the ModuleClasses.

You can also update your existing modules - see this thread. The release 1.1 brings some improvements to make the upgrade easier, and Mamba is working on an updated tutorial.

Thank you to all those who helped with the development, and all the users who provided feedback.

You can download the ModuleClasses from SourceForge