Themes: Faster v2 released (premium xoops theme)

Posted by: vamptrixon 2011/5/19 17:42:02 5055 reads
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Hello everybody!

Today I’m introducing the new updated version of my #1st paid premium xoops theme, Faster. This version is named Faster 2.

The theme has been made for XOOPS 2.4/2.5 but it should run on older 2.x releases too. It’s a 3 column theme with a fixed width of 960px (which can be easily tweaked).
Included is a special site closed template.

The new version includes 3 new color styles (pink, grey and blue) and included are the PSD files for these colors. Together with this release I’ve lowered the price of the theme to $2.99. You can also, thanks to TrialPay, get the theme for free.

This theme also includes free support and updates (I might add new color styles) and I guarantee that when Xoops Engine is released, this theme will get a version to run on it.

The theme has been tested in all modern browsers (that means everything above IE7). It’s now for sale for only $2.99 (which is $2.69 cheaper than the earlier version!). You’ll also get a discount for my upcoming theme Laguna (I haven’t set a price for it yet, but most likely it's going to be 35-50% off).

You can buy the theme from both TrialPay or ShareIt. If you can't buy the theme in one of these ways, feel free to email me on and we'll sort it out ;)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ;)

More information and purchasing options are available here and you can check a demo installation on my XOOPS demo site.