Themes: New CPanel for XOOPS Themes by IXThemes

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Additional modules are not necessary. You can simply login with the admin rights and use the innovative control panel for management of a XOOPS theme.

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IXThemes CPanel Features

- 24 SubThemes (UI Themes rel.1.8.13);
- Unlimited colors of headers on User Side;
- Unlimited colors of page background on User Side;
- Full visualized control of ASSIGNS file;
- Reload factory settings in any time;
- Save any customized settings;

Themes Release 5 Features

- 8+ Popular Sliders;
- 56+ Customizable Widgets;
- 32+ Slide Show Scenarios;
- 10 Examples of Slides;
- 9+ Languages;
- 9 Widgetized Areas;
- 3 Variants of Preheader;
- 3000+ of Layout Variants;

IXThemes Exclusive Features

- Selectable Version of jQuery Mode (you can select newest);
- Selectable Speed Page Loading Mode;
- Selectable Draggable Widgets Mode (you can disable it);
- Selectable Extended Fonts Mode (cufon used);
- Selectable Chameleon Mode (unlimited colours);
- Selectable HTML Correction Mode (for old modules blocks);
- Sliders in any Widgetized Area Mode (a slider can be in bottom of page);

Standard IXThemes Features

- Selectable 1-2-3 Columns Page Layout;
- Customizable LCR, LRC, CLR Columns Layout;
- Stretched Content Area;
- Scrollable Widgets and Blocks;
- Customizable Presets for Visibility of Roll-up Blocks;
- Self-adjusted Horizontal Menu Bar;
- Customizable Preheader Area (none, search, buttons-menu);
- Customizable Expanded Header;
- Customizable Expanded Footer with 4 Custom Widgets or Module Blocks;
- Two Control Areas for hide/show Footer and Left or Right Sidebars;
- Autocut of Long Menu Items;
- Buttons Text is Language Independed;
- Flexible and SIMPLE adjustment of columns in %%;
- Cross-browser Compatible;
- Tested on Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE;
- Functionality Tooltips;
- Slider Area on/off Switching on the user side;
- Sidebar Areas on/off Switching on the user side;
- Footer Area on/off Switching on the user side;
- To TOP Link on any Page on the user side;
- Full RTL (Right-to-left) Support;

Other Features

- jQuery 1.6.1 Included (newest release);
- jQuery UI 1.8.13 Included (newest release);
- jQuery Tools 1.2.5i Included;
- jQuery prettyPhoto 3.1.2 Included (newest release);
- Smarty 3 Ready;

You can see FRESH THEMES here

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