Modules: Profile 1.68 - With Recaptcha for Disability Support

Posted by: wishcrafton 2011/5/19 17:41:27 4931 reads
Profile 1.68
Verbose Validation Edition
Sponsored by Child Share, AFS Espania & TXMods

Profile 1.68 is a version of Profile module for XOOPS that allows for a verbose registration to be done.

This has a field for validation that allows for Text Match, RegEx or SQL Validation to be used to prevent people registering with your website without having validation data of sometype such as an existing email address or an invite code or some regular expression statement.

Featuring still Multiple Fields, 2 Types of validation - one which uses JSON; the other that uses the Field $_POST validation method.

Simply upgrade your existing XOOPS 2.4 or 2.5 to XOOPS Profile 1.65 to experience the difference. We can really recommend XinCodes 1.05 for a user based invitation to be done.

New in this feature:
  • - Remember to change the API Keys

Some Other Features:
  • Verbose Validation - SQL or Match or RegEx Match Validation
  • Directory - Browsable directory of users
  • Multifielded User Profiles - Set your own variables

Download: - 133 Kb

Demo: Pre installed at or try and put in my email address for validation. Notice how it unlocks the form wherever it is.

--=[ Example SQL Validation for a basis of pre-existing users email, remember to change 'prefix']=--

Select count(*) from `prefix_userswhere `emailLIKE "[value]" and `level` > 0