XOOPS: ModsCentral is a Xoops ONLY Site

Posted by: Neonon 2003/1/4 15:09:03 6741 reads As of the New Year ModsCentral is now a Xoops Only Site!!

Due to a bit of confusion (and a few other things) with the two *Xoops CMS’s being together at ModsCentral, I have decided to make the split and have total support for Xoops only at ModsCentral.

You will still get the latest and greatest Modules, Hacks, Blocks and information at ModsCentral, in fact even more so now, your always welcome to contribute and download at ModsCentral, I hope to see you dedicated Xoopers (& Newbie’s) there more often now…

Thanks once again for your support

See you at ModsCentral