XOOPS: Xoops Engine Experiences and Tutorials

Posted by: phpppon 2011/5/3 1:50:00 5541 reads It is very exciting to see two videos for Xoops Engine presented by @txmodxoops right after Xoops Engine Alpha 2 release:

* Xoops Engine Alpha 2 installation on wamp server
* Xoops Engine Alpha 2 after installation

Although txmodxoops had not so successful experiences, participating and sharing is the first step to improve our new system.

Soon after the two videos, mamba shared his two videos:
* Installing Xoops Engine Alpha 2 on WAMP server
* Installing XOOPS legacy modules in Xoops Engine

A demo site has been installed at http://demo.xoopsengine.org on nix system, please check :
* Xoops Engine Alpha 2 deployment and permission settings
* Xoops Engine Alpha 2 installation on ubuntu/nginx stack

Please share your Xoops Engine experiences on twitter with @XoopsProject casually but quickly.
And report your issues to Github issue tracker