XOOPS: XOOPS, There It Is! A CMS for the Masses

Posted by: Mambaon 2011/2/21 7:10:00 5632 reads XOOPS is on the move!


In February's SourceForge newsletter we were ranked as #22 Project on SourceForge, out of over 100,000 projects, and today we have a very nice article about XOOPS as part of their blog: "Community Showcase".

It is called "XOOPS, There It Is! A CMS for the Masses"

Very nice statement in the end:
I love that this project has been around for so long, and continues to succeesfully reinvent itself. I feel confident that it will only continue to grow and prosper as the years go on.

Yes, with Xoops Engine we're in process of reinventing ourselves, and we have high hopes for the future

The Twitter is already full of links to this article, which should create a nice vibe for us in the Open Source world!