Modules: Xpayment 1.23

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Xpayment 1.23
Modular Gateway and Modular Modules for Payment Transactions
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Xpayment is a module that allows you to write customised payment gateways, as well as having modular hooking stratum in the module with a second plugin section for modules and responses to invoices.

Complete with Gateway plugins you can easily customise this module for your payment gateway in a few files. There is many benefits to using xpayment as the standard for intergrating payment into your modules. It has a modular plugin system for gateway invoice responses so your module will know when an items has been paid for.

It was michael beck (mamba) who suggest a module for invoice transactions, so I have made this one which is like the tag module and has plugins for modules. This will allow any XOOPS Modules to submit a form to xpayment and bill on the basis of the cart information sent to it.

This is the new standard for gateway and payment solutions with XOOPS.

Some of the current features include:
  • Plugin Gateway systems
  • Modular Plugin and Action hook
  • Easy Form Post from any module
  • Itemised invoicing
  • Multicurrency
  • Tax Itemisation

Payment Gateways Included:
  • Paypal
  • Zombaio
  • CCBill
  • 2Checkout

Download: (6Mbs)