Modules: X-cURL 1.45 & X-JSON 1.45 - API's for XOOPS

Posted by: wishcrafton 2011/2/18 14:50:00 4359 reads X-JSON & X-CURL 1.45
What Can It Do for Me?

You can link with any json compliant system with complete w3c standard wsdl these will be completed in version 4.0 they are more just the abstract data layers of wsdl, they still need a dynamic mime type and other system written into them which the constructs are in place. You can transfer data between any sort tunnel through most if not all firewalls and poll your xoops platform from with another xoops or CMS or even things like .NET, Delphi and many other programming languages.

X-JSON is the quick way for cloud computing API's, you can link your xoops platform with any other computer network with this module, plug-in have complete WSDL compilation code and allow for easy and dynamic deployment.

What's New in this release?
  • The Server.php has changed to accomodate array output.
  • Multiplugin/Function calling.
  • Improved server handler.

How do I call this API?
The API is farely simple to use - you have a plugin which is a function on the api which has a filename say xoops_create_user.php which has an XSD in it as well as the function itself which is named after the filename. The API takes JSON Packages of variable and provide JSON response. You will have to check the plugin functions to see them implemented as to what they do and how to use them. But you can also call multiple function in a single call in this version.

Just say you where going to call the example function it would look as a URL something like this, You can use a $_GET or a $_POST depending on the data size.
Quote:{...JSON VARIABLES...}

If you where going to call multiple functions the url call would look like this with a $_GET.
Quote:{...JSON VARIABLES...}&secondary_function={...JSON VARIABLES...}&third_function={...JSON VARIABLES...}

To Download X-CURL Click here or goto the Mirror

To Download it Click here or goto the Mirror