XOOPS: XOOPS Receiving the 2010 NEA OSS Forum Award

Posted by: MambaOn 2010/11/9 12:00:00 9897 reads

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The North East Asia OSS Forum, held Nov. 2-4 in Seoul, Korea, was an amazing event.

First, it was impressive to see three countries (China, Japan, Korea) working so closely together on promoting Open Source Software in their region.

Secondly, and this was much closer to our heart, it was so touching to receive the "Best Technology Award" for the upcoming X3 version of XOOPS. The judges were impressed with X3 architecture, its usage of state-of-the-art PHP libraries such as Zend Framework and Smarty 3, and the direction XOOPS is taking toward becoming a "Web Application-oriented development platform"

I was honored to receive this award on behalf of XOOPS Project and our whole community, and especially on behalf of the developers working on X3.

I was also honored to meet so many legendary Open Source leaders, such as Mr. Masahiro Date, Vice Chairman of the Linux Foundation and General Manager at Fujitsu ,  Prof. Lu Shou Qun, Chairman of the China Open Source Software Promotion Forum , and Mr. Saso Hideyuki, Senior Executive Vice President of Fujitsu Limited, and Chairman of the Japan OSS Promotion Forum, Prof. Minsuk Lee from Hansung University, and many others. It was truly amazing to be able to discuss Open Source issues with them, and to learn from their vast experiences and views.

Being among these giants of Open Source development, and to represent XOOPS there,  will be something that I will never forget!

As a XOOPS Community we can be so very proud of this Award!

Thank you DJ for all your hard work on X3! I am sure that X3 will bring XOOPS to the next level!

For more pictures from this event, please visit our Flickr