Hacks: Comment system for any module

Posted by: RuneherOn 2010/5/30 4:10:00 10648 reads
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One day I was making a module that would benefit from having comments. I started to look into it but every road seemed a dead end. I started ask around but nobody thought it was possible since the module didn't use SQL.

I almost gave up and started looking into flat file comments, but then Culex took the case and wrote a code that lifted the spirit... So after a few weeks of a lots of testing, failing, testing, and modification it finally works!

A comment hack intended for my module is now available to XOOPS community. It is in a form of a module NoComments, that has been modified so it's has a Comments system included.

The hack is very easy to add to your module. Just follow the instructions in the module and you should be good to go!

As a matter of fact we think this hack is so cool that we included a zip file in the module itself, so if you install it on a live site, you can offer it as a download from your own site.

Most kudos go to Culex as he is the genius behind this... I was more of the the 'nagger'..


Demo: here

Download: here