Modules: X-Re-aggregator 2.27

Posted by: wishcrafton 2010/5/30 3:10:00 4322 reads Resized Image

Based on XoopsHeadlines includes a nice feature for Re-aggregating your RSS Feeds into your community from other sources, it includes a .htaccess SEO as well as an RSS Cache and RSS Snooping by Setting in your preferences. With a new RSS Mashables options, X-Reaggregator 2.21 offers the best in RSS Management and Snooping.

You can use CURL or fopen to retrieve RSS. with CURL you can set your User Agent as well this may be required if you need to pretend you are a browser with RSS Reading, sometimes you have to do this with Yahoo Pipes.

Or any other form of RDF or RSS Feeds, it will also parse into the core of the system for dynamic feed maintenance and collaboration methods with the multisite module.

Complete with mashables, that allow you to scan a feed or group of feeds with a keyword and display an RSS Feed defining this mashable and the keywords.

Download the X-Reaggregator 2.27 here from Chronolabs Australia.


Mirror: http://cid-6580d2a11c091017.skydrive. ... eaggregator/Source%20Code