Themes: 4 Seasons Theme now Free

Posted by: aph3xOn 2010/2/4 22:40:00 7651 reads
4 Seasons Theme is a 2 columns fixed width theme for all versions of XOOPS and has been tested with few popular modules .

It has 4 distinctive styles representing the 4 seasons, styles can be switched by clicking on one of the 4 small buttons located on top of the left column, with a minimum of work one should be able to split the theme in 4 distinctive themes and use each one on a different site (further support can be requested in the forum).

The theme was optimized for all modern browsers meaning that it WON'T work on IE6 or earlier versions
Theme is W3C XHTML compliant and CSS level 2.1 validated.

Resized Image

It was released as commercial some time ago but as theme reached its quota I have decided to distribute it Free. However you are not allowed to redistribute it via download sites unless permission was given

I hope you enjoy it

It can be viewed live HERE

It can be downloaded HERE