Modules: What's new at the TDM (Team Development Module)

Posted by: Lord_VenomOn 2010/2/4 16:40:00 7406 reads
It's been eight months since the TDM (Team Development Module) has been created, so it's time to make a small summary about the progress of our activities.

During that time TDM has created eleven modules: five paid modules (yellow) and eight free modules (blue). Here are the new and important updates:

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TDMTchat 1.0

UPDATE: 04/02/2010

TDMTchat: is a module of instant conversation between members, based on the facebook chat, it allows your members to look for another user and have a private chat line.

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TDMsound 1.3

UPDATE: 25/01/2010

TDMSound: is a new module for managing audio library. This module includes a ajax, listening, ratings, playlists.

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TDMAds 1.0

UPDATE: 19/01/2010

TDMAds: is a new module for managing Ads/Announcements. This module can be completely customized with the management of additional fields.

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TDMLinks 1.0

UPDATE: 10/01/2010

TDMLinks: is a new module for links management

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UPDATE: 02/02/2010

TDMMP: is a new module for managing your private messages. This module is completely AJAX-ed on the user side.

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TDMSpot 1.2

UPDATE: 03/02/2010

TDMSpot: is a new module for article page management. Each page can contain: blocks replicable in infinite and your items can displayed by category and limited in number.

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TDMStats 1.6

UPDATE: 27/01/2010

TDMStats: is a new module that brings you a maximun of information about your visitors.

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Catads 1.52

UPDATE: 09/01/2010

Catads is a classifieds module.

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TDMCreate 1.1
Last Updated: 09/01/2010

TDMCreate: is a new module for creation of XOOPS modules.

You will find all this module on our website tdmxoops.

Thank you to everyone who made their bug report and thank you for the feedback and development ideas.