XOOPS: R.I.P Marcello Brandao

Posted by: marianeOn 2010/2/4 6:20:00 12969 reads
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With our deepest sorrow we have to announce today that we lost two days ago one of our dearest XOOPS friends and supporters, and one of our most innovative developers: Marcello Brandao (suico), due to a cancer.

Marcello was a Software Engineering and Computer Sciences expert and he was one of great XOOPS-ers who was helping here as well as on XOOPS Brasil and XOOPS Parana.

That's what he said once about himself:
"What have I done?
I was the webmaster of simcitybrasil for some years, the webmaster of brasilia subway intranet, have installed or help to install many sites in Brazil: www.pastoralis.com.br, www.vaivc.com , www.abin.gov.br, krista, simcity Brasil cesb ...
I have developed many modules for the metrodf and simcitybrasil.
I am also developing the nivelamento module a test module in beta version right now.

What do I bring to the table?
Help in many forms, I am a good follower and don't fight for power or else, just want to help. Also I do speak french, portuguese, italian and spanish, and of course a bit of english "

These are very modest words, because all of us who knew him, know very well that the always smiling man was a great person, with a big heart, a lot of kindness, intelligence and experience. His 352 postings in our forum brought a lot benefits to the community, and Marcello always participated and tried to find solutions for our questions and suggestions.

He focused his efforts on creating a Social Network module for XOOPS. It was a big dream, but achieving it wasn't a mission impossible to a such intelligent man! The dream did come true and Xoopsers around the world could built their own social network by using Yogurt Social Network , the great module of Marcello Brandao.

Yogurt Social Network was greatly appreciated by xoopsers and it was nice to see that it was selected by VivaLogo to Top 40 Free Downloadable Open Source Social Networking Software and Marcello has been chosen to be the winner of our first XOOPS Innovation Award .

Marcello put his creativity to work with his another innovative module Nivelamento: a module for the e-tutoring area. In his first release it allowed students to make exams online.

He took a sabbatical from XOOPS because he had to focus on his Master Degree, but he stayed in touch with us and planned to come back to contribute to XOOPS after his graduation.

Marcello made a difference in the world of XOOPS, he was loved by everyone - frank, deep, sincere and respectful, and despite only few years of being with XOOPS, he affected us all and left behind a legacy of great modules and hacks, and an example of a really great person.

Be young, find happiness, the rest is unimportant.

this was the message from Marcello to the world!

Today there are no words that express the sadness caused by his untimely death, and he will be forever remembered.

May his soul rest in Peace!