Hacks: Let it snow on your XOOPS website!

Posted by: vamptrixOn 2009/12/16 19:50:00 7504 reads
Hello guys!

To get your site a bit more in the christmas/holidays mood, I've added some snow on my websites, and since everyone likes some snow this time of the year, here is how to do it yourself

This way doesn't require any module or hack and gives a nice effect (similar effect can be seen on my blog www.vampiretrix.com - same script but other config)

Download the files fromhttp://www.nightquest.me/snow/snow.zip . Extract them and upload them to your site. (I uploaded them into root/snow).

Open /script/snowstorm.js and search for the line
var imagePath 'image/snow/'// relative path to snow images (including trailing slash)

and type in front of the image/snow the location of the files in your XOOPS installation (so,http://www.my.site/snow/image/snow in my case).
Save this and upload it to your site. (you can also modify general settings in this script, like if the snow should follow the mouse).

Then, go to your site, log in to the admin and open your blocks (http://www.my.site/modules/system/admin.php?fct=blocksadmin) and scroll down to "Add a new block". Change visible in to "All Pages", give it a random name (I named it Snow). Add this to the content:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.my.site/snow/script/snowstorm.js"></script>

Change thehttp://www.my.site/snow/script/snowstorm.js to your site and change the group access and select all groups. Then press submit.

Go check your homepage, you should see the snow falling now

If you want to let the snow stop falling (eg for people with slower pc's, add this line somewhere to your site:
<a href="#" onclick="snowStorm.stop();return false">Stop the snow</a>
. If people click that link, the snow will stop falling.

I hope you like this

Kevin :)
PS: Happy holidays!