Modules: Debaser 3.05 Abandoned released!

Posted by: frankblackon 2009/12/16 20:10:00 10379 reads
I am proud to announce the release of debaser 3.05 Abandoned (Final). Just a few things have changed compared to the beta. For upgrading from Half-Finished to Abandoned I made a small upgrade script.

It has been a long way from debaser 0.92 to 3.05. Although the module is bloated and is programmed in XOOPS 1.x-style, as a nice portuguese guy told me (eheh), it works! Anyway the beauty of the code lies in the eye of the viewer.

An updated documentation is soon going to be released.

So here is the final feature list (not everything is a feature, but a bug):

- Works only for XOOPS 2.41 and higher
- Uploading, editing, deleting restricted only to registered users
- File manager removed, because managing files should be duty of the core
- Multilingual in conjunction with xlanguage with NO extra markup for different languages
- Playlist for various formats (if the player is capable to play playlists)
- I am quite sure about the fact, that nearly every player could be embedded, even external players
- Advanced setup of players
- Advanced setup of mimetypes
- Batch processing of files uploaded with FTP
- Re-encoding of MP3 files with Lame (not included)
- Broken files can be reported
- Radio stations can be added
- TV stations can be added
- Nearly all kind of files can be added
- debaser makes use of getid3 to get file information when uploaded
- Per-user defined directories (with quota)
- Playing lofi MP3 can be triggered from different options
- Flash uploader integrated with display of progress and time
- Batch uploading through Flash uploader
- Permissions for categories, uploads, playlists etc.
- Anti-hotlink feature
- Code embedding of player code is possible
- Flash token (kind of) for Flash uploader integrated
- Tell-a-friend with visual captcha
- Search bar with suggestions integrated
- Playlists can be public or private
- Display of files can be embedded or popup
- Files from the same user can be displayed (or limited to a certain amount or turned off)
- Links can be submitted for plain URLs to files or for videos from YouTube
- Equalizer added for audio files, when played with a Flash based player
- Lots of blocks
- Playlist can be sorted via dragndrop
- Made the xoopsforms look a bit nicer (hope so)
- Page to get detailed information on a file in administration
- Donation button added (shameless plug), pointing to

Upgrade from 3 Beta to 3 Final
Download 3.05 Abandoned (Final)
Bug tracker
Docs for pre-Alpha

So here my final words (read my signature): Thx to all the nice people I met along my way developing this bloated bastard, especially xsell for pushing me and having nice feature request, trabis and alfred for always being helpful, mamba for making me xotm, for their written permission to add JWPlayer to the package and all the others I forgot to mention for their code which I shamelessly stole.

Good luck and have fun

ATB frankblack