XOOPS: Arabxoops activities

Posted by: marianeon 2009/8/2 1:30:00 6476 reads July 2009 was full of activities in www.arabxoops.com . In order to help users to find quickly a summary of monthly activities, we start our monthly newsletter. In it you broadcast our news for all intersted.
and bellow a brief of our activities:
- 5 modules are translated into arabic
- 13 new arabic themes was created
- Organizing of our theme library
- Extended Explanations of many modules and new hacks (videos + shots)
- more than 300 new post in our Technical Support Forum
(Ithri,Jazrawi,winxp,Bassam,Sergini,Hani and Mariane was the most active members)
Also we launch a new monthly XOOPSer of the Month Award, for this month we choose Hani Sallam. Hani has been interviewed by Mariane, using approximately the same standard of questions in xoops.org.
Hani Sallam is an egyptien Professor of chemistry (43 years old), knew xoops when he looking for creating websites to teach his students by using interactive methodes, modest , creative and a clever person, consider arabxoops his big family,he owns www.ahramag.com an arabic scientific magazine to broadcast environment and sciences news and informations for arab students in middle east. Hani wishes to meet foreign officials whether they are American or European to explain him about his great goal to create an arabic scientific news center similar to reuters.
he is a kind and clever person and we are proud in arabxoops of him.
That's our News for July 2009