Modules: Jobs 4.0 Released

Posted by: jlm69on 2009/8/2 21:00:00 6141 reads I have relaesed a new Jobs Module. It is version 4.0

It is for Xoops 2.3.x versions only.

Some new things:

You can put adsense code or a banner in the middle of listings.

Improved blocks, plus a new block for premium listing.

Premium listings are new too. You need to make a listing premium manually in the admin for each listing right now.

It has a new documentation section in the admin, just an idea I had, it is basic and not complete but maybe it will grow with the module. It has it's own language file, (docs.php).

You MUST use the upgrade script, please read the README file.

Report any problems at my forum.

Get it Here