XOOPS: Zarilia joins forces with XOOPS

Posted by: MambaOn 2009/3/16 21:10:00 9803 reads
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The lucky strike for XOOPS continues.

We are extremely happy to announce that in addition to Simple-XOOPS and EXM, now also Zarilia is joining forces with XOOPS.

Zarilia is the brain child of John Neill (aka Catzwolf), one of the best module developers XOOPS ever seen, and it contains many innovative ideas that will aid XOOPS to further expand its role as one of world's leading Open Source CMS.

John commented on his decision to merge Zarilia into XOOPS:
The XOOPS Community has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the last few years, and it is nice to see that things are really beginning to change here at XOOPS. There have been many steps in the right direction, the continued development of XOOPS, the merger between 2.018 and 2.2 and the likes of Simple-XOOPS and EXM joining forces shows that XOOPS is changing and in the right direction.

I like to think that my time developing Zarilia was a big learning curve for me and something that I really did enjoy doing. It has giving me the tools to do the job here at XOOPS much easier and I would like to think that the XOOPS Community will only benefit from it in the long run.

Some of the innovative ideas from Zarilia which might potentially end up in XOOPS:

1. Full blown Content/Article Management system with Sections and Categories, Trash Handler, Vote system, RSS, Streaming media and Reviews.

2. Menu System. The ability to add custom menus that will allow the core and modules to add menu items easily and quickly.

3. User Administration: New user administration that helps to administer users more easily, ranging from banning, activation, deactivation and the ability to track users.

4. OnEvent Handler. The ability to schedule different events via the admin panel.

5. Translation Handler: The ability to easily edit language defines and translate them directly from the admin area.

6. Error Administration: Updated the error handler to allow developers to add errors handling to the core and Modules. The error Handler will allow a webmaster to be notified of many different errors, whether critical or not and by different various methods of communication. Email, pm, log or/and database. These logs will easily be manageable via the admin area.

7. Media Handler: Easily manage most types of media via the media manager allowing the core and modules to access them

8. Module Development: Many tools to make module development easier and quicker. Zarilia has many new Classes and functions that can easily be integrated into Xoops.

John will be joining the Core Development Team, and will be leading the XOOPS Modules Team (separate announcement will follow soon).

We are extremely happy to have John back with XOOPS. His dedication and experience will be a big asset to XOOPS.

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Please extend a warm "Welcome Back" to John (aka Catzwolf) !!!