Modules: News 1.63 : A module for creating articles in Xoops

Posted by: instantzeroOn 2008/12/3 18:00:00 15616 reads
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Instant Zero is very happy to present you a new version of the Xoops News module.
This new version, 1.63, introduces some bugs corrections and introduces a new functionality, Tags

Where to download the module ?
The module can be found in its homepage:

How to upgrade ?
Be sure to update the files on your server with the new one and update the module in the Xoops modules manager.
after this, YOU MUST go in the module's preferences, at least one time, to re validate them.

Some modifications were made to the translations.
Consult the lang.diff file.

Note about the tags
- The use of tags and the generation of tags cloud are linked to the use (and of the installation) of the "Tag" module created by phppp.
So you must download and install this module before to be able to use tags in the News module:
For Xoops 2.3.x :
For Xoops 2.0.x :

Best regards,
Instant Zero

- The Xoops 2.3 editors are fully supported (tested with Xoops 2.3.2a)
However a bug was found with the tinyMce editor.
The bug seems to come from Xoops itself
- The support for the Spaw editor is abandoned
- The support of Xoops 2.2.x is abandoned
- You can use tinymce if you are running Xoops 2.3
- TCPDF was updated
- Changes in translations (see lang.diff)
- Correction of a bug in the "By Topic" presentation of the articles (on index.php)