XOOPS: XOOPS Project Documentation Section started

Posted by: XoopsCouncilon 2007/11/19 22:26:45 16024 reads MediaWiki module has been installed on www.xoops.org to be the start of XOOPS Project's Documentation Section.

The documentation section shall mainly cover:

* Getting Started
* Installation Guide
* Operation Guide
* XOOPS Development
* Theme Design Guide
* Module Development Guide
* XOOPS Security
* XOOPS Tips

It will also host documents for XOOPS Project teams and groups in case necessary.

How To Contribute

The XoopsWiki is intended to be a community-driven place to allow people build our documents. You can contribute to the documentation
* Adding and editing Wiki pages
* Helping build a XOOPS Documentation or Wiki Team to maintain the XoopsWiki on a regular base
* Providing useful resources
* Helping people using Wiki