XOOPS: Response to 7th October Incident

Posted by: Foundationon 2007/10/10 22:55:09 8150 reads The XOOPS Project Council posted a statement regarding the removal of Jmorris’ accounts and privileges. This was regarding changes in permissions which were made on the XOOPS.org site by JMorris, whilst he was under the assumption that he was the entitled Project Manager of the XOOPS Project.

The XOOPS Council claims that JMorris acted without authorization. JMorris was able to do so with the permissions he had on XOOPS.org for the last 3 years, permissions which were never removed by the XOOPS Council.

The XOOPS Foundation would like to state that it supports both the XOOPS Project and the XOOPS Communities, without leading them left or right. Therefore, the Foundation takes no position in the standpoint between phppp and JMorris. The Foundation supports the simple fact that this issue needs to be resolved soon as in a mature and decent manner, in order to have XOOPS move on and be able to grow again.

JMorris informed the XOOPS Foundation as well as the XOOPS Council about his action and documented his reasons. He then put back the original permissions on XOOPS.org and send all access info to the Foundation.

In the mean time, phppp and the XOOPS Council contacted Herko Commans, chairman of the XOOPS Foundation, on a personal email address and not via the XoopsFoundation.org site or via the Foundation’s public email (board at xoopsfoundation dot org). Unfortunately those messages were not seen directly by Herko, which explains the delay it took for the Foundation to react.

On October 8th, The Foundation sent the XOOPS.org access information to XOOPS Project Council with the assurance expressed by JMorris that he did not alter the site in any way nor do any damage what so ever.

While The Foundation does not approve of JMorris actions on XOOPS.org, it does not approve either of the public news posted by the XOOPS Council about terminating the account of JMorris. This should not have been handled publicly. The Foundation respectfully requests that this news should be removed immediately.

In summary, as of 9th October, the XOOPS Council has full administrative permissions on the XOOPS.org site.

We truly hope the XOOPS Project and the XOOPS Community can move forward and get back on the track XOOPS once was : the best open source CMS alive! The XOOPS Foundation will be happy to help in anyway it can to support the project and the community.

The XOOPS Foundation