XOOPS: First German book on XOOPS published!

Posted by: markeshon 2007/9/25 10:19:58 6377 reads

First German book on XOOPSWe proudly announce: The first German book on XOOPS is out and available by now.

On more than 360 pages, the reader learns everything he needs to start with XOOPS. After a detailed description of the installation process, the author describes the individual concepts and components of this free CMS.
The reader learns how to deal with blocks, modules and themes. Lots of examples show how to pimp one's XOOPS by little means. For the expansion of the XOOPS site, the author recommends the German XOOPS-StarterModulesPack. The individual modules of this package are also described in detail.

"XOOPS kompakt" is intended for the XOOPS beginner, but also advanced users will take profit out of the many tips and background information. e.g. on the MySQL tables or on problem solution.

While still under development, the book has been supervised by the German myXOOPS.org team. A book supporting web site has been set up (www.xoops-buch.de), where the readers find more information, e.g. modules and German language packs translated by the author, and where they can share their experiences with the author and other readers and users.

The author, Autor Helmut F. Reibold, aka karim and markesh on xoops.org, is working as a freelance journalist and has published already several books on OpenSource topics.

  1. author: Helmut F. Reibold
  2. title: XOOPS kompakt
  3. pages: 368
  4. price: 24.80 EUR
  5. ISBN: 978-3-939316-30-5
  6. publishing house: bomots-Verlag, Germany
  7. book's website:
  8. XOOPS-Buch.de