XOOPS: New Server Testing Now Closed

Posted by: JMorrison 2007/5/4 4:30:00 8785 reads
Thanks to the generosity and assistance of Surpass Hosting, the XOOPS Foundation now has two new dedicated servers which will serve as the home of the restructured Official XOOPS websites.

Over that past two weeks, we have been working in conjunction with Surpass to configure the new servers for optimum performance, stability, and security. Now, it is time to put our work to the acid test.

What we need from you is a little bit of your time. In return, you will receive new Official XOOPS websites that are faster, have greater uptime, and overall, are more enjoyable to use.

We have setup a pseudo-mirror of xoops.org at http://test.xoops4.biz/. This site contains all the data and code present on xoops.org as recent as 2007/4/27. It is not an exact mirror as there are some bugs that have cropped up in the mirroring process, but this testing site is good enough to help us evaluate the configuration of the new servers.

Essentially, what we need the community to do is hammer the new servers like you do the old servers. Preliminary testing and configuration has already been done on the new servers, but nothing flushes out bugs like real world usages. Therefore, we are asking the community to test the new servers by using the pseudo-mirror site like you would this site. Specifically, we would like as many users as possible to perform search queries, post long forum posts and comments, submit news, and browse long threads.

We would like to mimic the daily activities of the current xoops.org site as closely as possible so that we have an Apple to Apple comparison. Ideally, we would like to see 300 plus simultaneous visitors on the site or more as this is representative of a "busy" day on the current servers. It would be even better if we could get 500+ simultaneous visitors so we can really flush out any bugs in the server configuration.

We greatly appreciate your time and assistance in stress testing the new servers. We are working hard to provide you, the community member, with a better overall experience at xoops.org.

Thank you,

XOOPS Server Admin Team