Modules: AM Reviews module preview

Posted by: AndyMon 2007/1/24 22:50:19 8724 reads
I'm pleased to announce the second preview of AM Reviews, my review module for XOOPS2.

This module has been a long time in development, mainly due to other projects and life getting in the way, but finally I am actually getting close to a public beta release.

The preview or the module can be seen at and an example review here

o sub categories
o group permissions on categories
o e-mail to friend
o print version
o pdf version
o css based rate images
o supports lightbox for highlight images (this can also be used for images in the review by adding a small bit of code to the image link).
o Configurable page title for SEO
o Configurable meta tags for SEO
o Multiple pages

And more...

There's still things to do, like a user submit page, various blocks and notifications. A public beta release should be available within the next week or two.

Anyway, if this module interests you, I'd appreciate it if you could provide some feedback.