XOOPS: XOOPS authentication system documentation is out !

Posted by: pemenOn 2006/10/8 15:00:00 9981 reads
Since 2.0.14, XOOPS has a new
Resized Image authentication system. It allows to delegate authentication to directory server like OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell
e-directory, Fedora Directory serveur, etc, ...

XOOPS also makes it possible to fill automatically XOOPS database from the directory server (provisionning)

It was time to publish a sufficiently detailed documentation for XOOPS configuration especially in professional environment.

You can find this documentation here

This documentation will be published soon on the official XOOPS docs website
We thank those which use XOOPS for an Intranet/extranet to make us experience feedbacks of their use in order to contribute to the development of XOOPS in the professional sphere.

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