XOOPS: Centralizing & Specialized Ressource Sites

Posted by: Anonymouson 2002/7/15 2:50:18 4311 reads
Don't know if anyone remembers my post on centralizing things a bit better, but i'm still waiting on sites willing to take up that challenge.

Tired of running from site to site just to find a certain module, or this or that theme, and want to help change things (by being a specialized site), then read more.

You shouldn't be on a free host or serve from your house. Expect up to 60 ppl connected at any given time, so you'll need at least the bandwidth to handle that.

Files are centralized and not hosted on your server, so you don't have to worry about that bandwidth.

You should respect the file naming convention and a few other things, and of course make sure that what you propose ppl actually works. Try it first :o)

Read this:

You'll be the number one theme, module, etc, site in no time. Ppl want content, information, & content. And that's really not all that hard to provide :o)

I already did propose this to a few ppl, all said oh wow cool, but nobody actually ever did anything. So unless you do agree with the above, and are the kind of person that does like to surf around, find, test out new things, and are ready to post on a reagular basis on your site.. please don't apply. Tho you can prolly find some ppl willing to help out on your site. But at the beginning things are gonna be lenghty and hard ..don't be fooled.

The thing is to have specialized sites for modules, themes, blocks, etc, and centralize the files in a fast and easy manner for all to share. Like this ppl don't have to run all over the web to find ressources. And seen the number of requests for something like this, any site doing this will be no.1 in no time. I'd do it myself, but i just dont have the time. And if done right, theres no reason the site shoulndt become the official modules or whatever site in the short future.

Best regards, Half

Post to this thread, and let me know of any eventual url's interested, TNX :o)