YAXS: CTOA makes the switch from LDU to XOOPS 2.013

Posted by: shalommemphion 2006/6/9 13:33:04 6170 reads
I wanted to take time out to note how excited I am to finally take the plunge and move my site from the LDU CMS product to the XOOPS products. The module approach really makes it a wonderful and simple way to quickly put together a creative and functional interactive community site. Our site at http://www.ctoa.net which is a online community called Chinese Tractor Owners Association has over 950 Registered users on it!

I debated over making the change over, but realized it was one of those now or never deals so I took the plunge and never looked back.

The hardest part was moving over as much of the users info and especially the login and passwords so that at the least memebers would not have to register again. I now have a better understanding of sql and csv files than I ever imagined I would.

The site is up and running with little problems and I hope to continue to grow it using the great XOOPS platform. I hope to give back in post responses and assistant to this great community here any info I may have learned or will learn over time.

If I have any advice to give others is to keep up with the updates of the core XOOPS module so as to not let yourself get so far behind you can never upgrade.