YAXS: Webmaster Community

Posted by: sednaxon 2006/6/9 21:10:44 5674 reads I just want to tell everybody that I just launched my computer & webmaster communtiy on sednax.ws.

It contains content on various subjects such as:

- Computer tips (mainly windows)
- Internet tips
- Webdesign
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Computer Hardware

You will also find code snippets of some programming languages (PHP, HTML, C++, J++, ActionScript and some more), Webdesign & Webmaster Tools, Reviewed online services (paid posting, SEO, etc..) and a dictionary.

The site has just been launched, so I've added some nice contests (10 forum posts will get you a free featured submission in our directory, a banner contest for over $150 worth of ebooks and software, etc..) to get new members.

There is not much content right now (around 10 articles), but I add new content almost every day, so check out this site to get some nice tips, info and more about computers & internet!

Xoops: I tried to code this site all by myself but found out that it consumed too much time. You have all the modules I wanted right here, and it's so easy to install! Thank you so much