News: PostNuke mourns loss of Lead Developer

Posted by: Anonymouson 2002/6/18 21:38:34 8519 reads Greg Allan a.k.a. Adam_Baum, the lead core developer and one of the four founding members of the PostNuke CMS Development Project passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The accident occurred June 16, 2002 near his home in Meaford, Ontario in Canada.

Greg Allan was a humble and personable man who always downplayed his considerable skills. He was a self-taught coder who contributed to every aspect of development from cleaning up other people's code to writing new and innovative software.

Greg was an invaluable asset to the PostNuke development team, and a dear and trusted friend and co-worker to people on every continent. Through this first year of PostNuke's existence, Greg's giving nature has been a guiding light and inspiration to many people and projects that have shaped the development landscape and social personality of the PostNuke project.

Surviving Greg are his parents, Bob and Leone Allan, his girlfriend Kim and her two children Kristin and Kassandra, his dog Chevy, and trusted friends Dean and Natasha.

In memory of Greg and out of respect for all those mourning his passing, all PostNuke development and official support activity has been suspended for one week. We urge all those using PostNuke to post a copy of this article on each of your PostNuke-Powered sites to commemorate the memory and accomplishments of Adam_Baum. Please refer your condolences and comments to ... de=thread&order=0&thold=0.

For funeral arrangements, flower delivery information and memorial contributions, please email

On behalf of the PostNuke Development Team,

Steve MacGregor (grape)
Support Operations Manager