XOOPS: Maximising Google SEO and Adsense ad relevance for Xoops

Posted by: brashon 2005/11/16 9:06:52 10089 reads
Resized Image IT Headquarters is pleased to present this guide on Maximising Google SEO and Adsense ad relevance for Xoops. Since implementing what has been covered in this guide the number of referrals from the Google search engine to my site is on target to increase by approximately 300% by the end of this month, and the resulting increase in relevant ads being delivered from Adsense was a major contributor to a 436% jump in revenue last month. This guide involves modification to the HTML in your theme, with a lot of the tips here I found in Carnuke's excellent search engine optimisation FAQ. I've also put together a package for download containing the same modified code for page title generation as I am using on my site. I hope this guide helps you boost your SEO and Adsense revenue as it has done for me.