Hacks: Side Bar for xcGal 2.0

Posted by: vanGoGaOn 2005/10/3 16:13:52 6985 reads
What is it?

If you use Mozilla you would be familiar with sidebars if you are not and still use Mozilla then hit F9 and the side bar panel will open. This is a hack which will add another tab to this sidebar panel which will show you

1. The categories and albums of the given xcGal gallery in a tree structure.
2. It has a tiny search form which will allow you to search the gallery
3. It can show the thumbnail of last uploaded picture

It has user setable themes and also the user can set the number of thumbnails she wants to see... This is cookie based and does not take up any server resource. It works with Mozilla 1.0 (and all avian and canine variants), Konq 3.2, Opera6+ and Internet Explorer 5+

How do I install it on my server?
Presuming that you have a working XOOPS and xcGal module setup, Download the sidebar zip file, unzip the contents and just upload all of them in the same folder as your xcGal module files, thats it!!

Dowload from here

But how do I see it?!
Once you have uploaded all the files just point your browser at http://yourdomain.com/modules/xcGal/sidebarInstall.php and follow the instructions there. Or you can enable Install Side Bar block, that has all neccessary shortcuts for installation.

Did you make this all by yourself?

No, I used Coppermine Sidebar posted by Tarique Sani.
Post is here.