Modules: News 1.41 / 1.42, updated version

Posted by: herveton 2005/10/2 18:00:00 10588 reads
[was former 1.41 announcement, see details below]


A new version of the News module has just been released.
This version corrects several bugs.
You can use it on a production website.

How to get the module
Simply go to its homepage : ... oup_id=1008&release_id=60

How to upgrade
If you were using the 1.4 version, you just have to copy the files to your website.
If you had a version 1.1, you must first update the module and also launch this script :
replace with your website's name.

> For security reasons, I have removed the Xoops version from the printed version of an article
> I have corrected an error in the block called "Navigate thru topics", the number of news was false, it was counting expired articles (thank you Solo71)
> I have modified the backend.php script so that it uses every news (not only those who are described to be only visible on the homepage)
> The four tables visibles in the module's admin and containing news will now use a pagenav
> I have removed all the htmlentities for multibytes languages
> The number of sql queries of the "top news" and "recent news" blocks was reduced
> There was a minor problem in the pdf generated from a news with its topic's title
> There was a bug when you was editing a news from the admin site (thanks you jlz78)
> I have reduced the count of sql queries in the module's index page
> I have corrected a bug in the option "Enable authors to edit their posts"

< I have correct a bug in the infotips and a bug caused by Php 5.0.5