YAXS: jadoogaran now running with xoops2.2

Posted by: irmtfanOn 2005/8/6 19:31:24 7094 reads
www.jadoogaran.org is the first persian Harry Potter site with about 2 gigs of bandwidth daily and more than 3000 users.
We started it with XOOPS about 2 years ago.
Also we have a gallery with +2600 pics.
Now thanks to profile module (to mithrandir) we upgrade to xoops 2.2 and add some custom fields in profile for role playing characters we already have in rpg forums of our site.
The extensible profile module is exactly what we need for months.
In brief XOOPS 2.2 is a fantastic release from xoops team especially for community base web sites. THANK YOU ALL