XOOPS: farsixoops.org : the official support site for all persian xoopsers

Posted by: irmtfanon 2005/3/6 18:09:43 5222 reads
we are proud to annonce that farsixoops was accepted as the official xoops support site in persian.
we opened this site 2 months ago and have some good content there so this site is not a totally newbie site.
we keep on the xoops.org structure but use a new theme ( this theme released very soon)
some of our goals in farsixoops.org are:
- support xoops persian users and solve their problems in public forums
- introduce xoops portal to all persians
- transfer xoops.org news and annoncements to farsixoops.org
- collect all persian xoops users and developers in one place
- to be in a close contact with xoops.org website

also we already developed xoops for persians in xoops persian project at dev site. some of our goals in dev project are:
- translate core xoops , modules , documents , ... to persian
- hegira date for persians
- RTL style and themes for all RTL languages
- utf-8 charset in xoops core and test the compatibility in new modules
- build a hegira calendar for xoops (now still we work on this point)

to persian readers:you can see the related news here