XOOPS: XOOPSDEM Brussels 2005 - Rowd's Report

Posted by: rowdieon 2005/3/2 17:59:08 9031 reads

Freeform Solutions (jegelstaff)
jengelstaff gave a very interesting talk about how his company uses XOOPS, and about his module, Formulize. I didn't take notes, but I believe he will be posting some notes about his talk himself.

The day was a great success! There was a lot of information exchanged, and meeting other XOOPsers was terrific Brussels was a good location for us, as most of us were either French- or Dutch/Flemish-native speakers, with just a few who have English as their first language.

I dropped in at FOSDEM 2005 on Sunday, and I'm glad the XOOPS day wasn't with them. The meeting would have been completely different, more a marketing pitch to draw new users, rather than a fun and informative day with XOOPS converts.

I'm very pleased I went to XOOPSDEM, I had a great time, met some very interesting people and learned a lot. Including the fact that the XOOPS core members are a very professional, competent and likeable group of people, and their vision for the future of XOOPS is very focused. With them in control, XOOPS has a very bright future indeed!

Now I'll have to start saving so I can attend the next XOOPS meeting....


p.s. Herko, this is the condensed version of my report - asking me to write a report of only a few lines sounded good, but had little chance of success....