Themes: hyperTheme released

Posted by: hyperpodon 2005/3/2 17:54:06 7270 reads
hyperpod proudly presents: hyperTheme for XOOPS 2
This theme was originally designed for and is now released to the XOOPS community.

Download from here and view screenshot



Dynamic 2 column or 3 column layout (Left side blocks if they exist, right side if they exist)

W3C CSS/XHTML (trans) 100% valid

Smarty Date Display

Dynamic block headers
-Smarty randomized block header 'Gems' with colors including red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow
-you can choose not to use random header blocks by editing the theme.html file. Details will follow soon.

PSD Logo template file for adding your own logo seamlessly into the header

Alternate colored horizontal header and footer grfx included, or make your own :)
-includes default greyscale colored header bars to make the rest of your content stand out more.

Production sites using this theme as of release:


This theme is packed to install into the xoops root directory which would map to your public_html or www folder.
You need to make sure the /class and /themes directories get copied into the root dir of your xoops site.
If you do not wish to use the Smarty Randomizer plugin, then simply copy the /themes directory into your
xoops themes directory and modify the block thml template files to not use the Smarty Plugin.
If this would be the case, I would recommend using the Smarty <{Cycle}> tags or choosing ONE colored gem pill
and editing the block theme files for this.
If you have question about doing this, contact me on

I would recommend to move or not upload the /art directory as this contains a 432kb PSD file for the logo template.


There are a few tiny tweaks that can be made. I noticed a few pixels off in certain cases. I welcome any fixes for this.
There seems to be a bug only in IE that doesn't seem to load the theme properly on some page loads. This rarely happens and seems to be an IE rendering problem. Any ideas to fix this, if its possible, would be nice.
The horizontal block headers go out way to far, any input to fix this is welcome!
This theme appears to work great in FireFox... go figure.
( )


This theme doesnt leave a whole lot of room for block titles. (like most themes)
If you need more room because your block titles are too long and you cannot shorten them,
I suggest editing the CSS and making the block title fonts smaller in size.

Hope you can enjoy, any suggestions for fixes and improvements are welcome.
Please fill out the contact page on or for this.