XOOPS: XOOPSDEM Brussels 2005 - Rowd's Report

Posted by: rowdieon 2005/3/2 17:59:08 9031 reads

XOOPS 2.0.x modules
There will be a component built which emulates the functions of XOOPS 2.0.x. This will allow 2.0.x modules to continue working, though they will not be able to access new features of this new version of XOOPS.

A separate aim of the core developers is to make the transition from a 2.0.x module to the next version as easy as possible. The hope is that it will simply be a matter of search and replacing old function names with new ones, and maybe removing an include line, admin side. This has yet to be finalized though.

Every single line of the XOOPS core code will be documented. "Open Source" in Skalpa's view is not just opening the source files, but also documenting it all.

Roadmaps are being prepared as we read

The first releases of this next generation XOOPS will be developer releases, for testing purposes of core features. It will not include the XOOPS 2.0.x emulator (for 2.0.x modules), which will be released once the core features are stabilized. Developer releases should begin happening quite soon

We ran out of time so we didn't hear anything about the third tier, "Portal System". All I had in my notes was that it includes a block management layer, and windows management (for popups/opening new windows and the like, I think).