XOOPS: XOOPSDEM Brussels 2005 - Rowd's Report

Posted by: rowdieOn 2005/3/2 17:59:08 9176 reads
XOOPSDEM 2005 was fantastic! It was really great to be able to put names to faces, and to see that people's enthusiasm for XOOPS isn't just an online phenomenom.

When I finally returned home Monday night I found that I'd made pages and pages of notes of the meeting - well, indecipherable scribble really. I've tried to piece it all together here, for the benefit of those poor souls who couldn't make it to Brussels


Remember, this is taken from scribbled notes made 3 days ago... don't take anything in this report as absolute truth, it's really just my impressions. Wait till the presenters publish their own notes to get the full story

I've posted this report over several pages (hope it works), don't forget to look at the other pages too...

Organising the XOOPS Project and Community (Herko)
Very interesting, I learned a lot about xoops.org - the organisation, as opposed to XOOPS - the product.

Herko had an excellent slide presentation, and all the information we received can be read from these slides (hurry up and publish them Herko )

Some of the highlights of his talk for me were:
1. XOOPS Foundation is a legal entity, with a board of directors.
2. XOOPS.org is a registered not for profit organization.
3. Mod developers are protected from legal challenges by the XOOPS Foundation. This relies on the co-operation of developers. If the developer has a project at dev.xoops.org and uses CVS consistently and correctly, xoops.org has a record of exactly when changes were made, why and by whom. This can be very important if a situation arises where a developer is accused of stealing code, for example.