Hacks: Reynaldo's ShortURLs UPDATED

Posted by: tlon 2005/1/24 20:27:11 7681 reads
sim_suin has just released Simplified URLs which is great if you are trying ShortURLs for the first time. But if you have been using the Reynaldo's ShortURLs for a while, it would be just not feasible for the switch without creating a huge mess with search engines.

One of the issues using Reynaldo's ShortURLs is that it systematically converts all URLs including admin URLs. This proves to be problematic and you end up with many white pages in modules admin due to inconsistent coding.

The UPDATED hack utilizes (or borrows ) sim_suin's idea, will exclude module admin and system admin. No more modifying the module admin files in order to get it work. Enjoy!

The file can be downloaded from HERE

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