Modules: Publish your news in the Mozilla and netscape Sidebar

Posted by: herveton 2005/1/24 20:35:40 5896 reads
If you want, you can give the possibility to your users to read your website's news directly from their Mozilla/Netscape sidebar. To do it, create a custom html block in the blocks manager, name it as you want and copy/paste the following content inside it (you will have to replace the website's name and the url or your website). This example is available for :
<script language='JavaScript'>
{ if ((
typeof window.sidebar == 'object') && 
typeof window.sidebar.addPanel == 'function'))
window.sidebar.addPanel ('Xoops News','',''); } } 

a href="javascript:addabar();">Click here to add the <i><b><font color="#993366">Xoops News  </font></b></i></ato your browser's <i>sidebar</i>

I did not made this script myself, I justs had the idea to use it for Xoops. All the credits are for the creator of this article

PS : in the final link, remove the space between the word java and script