Modules: Members Homepages 1.01

Posted by: Wheeleron 2005/1/13 19:15:33 9708 reads
Anticipated by many xoops webmasters, this is the first release of the long overdue Members Homepages module.

It allows the webmaster to provide the users of a website the ability to create and maintain their own personal homepage with their own content. It is based on the original obs_classroom module by Mithrandir.

- Admin can create multiple categories and sub-categories
- Admin can give group permissions to add/edit homepages in each category
- Users can create multiple pages
- Users can create multiple content blocks
- Users can show same content block across multiple pages
- Users can give other members permission to edit their homepages
- Plugin new content blocks for users to have added functionality on their homepages

Members Homepages Module
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Thank you for your interest in the Members Homepages Module. We are currently looking to put together a development team to improve this module.