Modules: NewBB 2.0 RC2 release

Posted by: Anonymouson 2004/10/5 21:50:00 18370 reads
NewBB 2.0 RC2 release

The Xoops Project is pleased to announce the Release Candidate 2 of the

Newbb 2.0

Since most features had been introduced in NewBB 2.0 RC1, the RC2 is mainly focused on bugfix and performance optimization, as well as layout improvement. Brief Introduction to the Changes: - Browser-crossing Layout: Png Image Display, Popup Menu, Fastreply Box Collapsing - Refined Permission System: ---- Category Permission Check is Implemented ---- Bugfix: Editing/Deleting Timelimit Check and Anonymous Identity Check ---- Bugfix: Permission Check for Digest Notification and RSS Feed Creation - HTML Tags in Descriptions of Categories, Forums and Subforums - Lots of minor but important bugs reported and fixed (Thank you, XOOPSERs!) Important News: -- Good One: NewBB 2.0 RC1 has been implemented successfully at and during the week of Oct 1st! -- Bad One: the RC1 Searchfunction causes server load problem of hence is disabled temporarily -- Good One, again: feasible solutions have been proposed by some SMART guys (sorry, we have the right to keep it secret) Now, Get the: -- Newbb 2.0 RC2 Update Scripts Along with the Package: -- Newbb 1 to Newbb 2.0 RC2 -- Newbb Pro 1.03 to Newbb 2.0 RC2 -- Newbb 2.0 Beta4 to Newbb 2.0 RC2 -- Newbb 2.0 RC1 to Newbb 2.0 RC2 Language Packages: -- English -- French -- Protuguesebr -- German ( not finished ) MUST-DOs to Enjoy NewBB 2.0 RC2 if you update from NewBB 1.0: 1. Remove you old newbb folder 2. Upload the New Files and Run the Proper Update Scripts 3. Update the NewBB Module in the Moduleadmin 4. Set Permissions for the Categories and Forums 5. To make the Popup Menu work, make sure that the <{$xoops_module_header}> is included in your theme.html 6. Report bugs and let's go to NewBB 2.0 Final directly! For any suggestions, comments, bug report and feature request: Official NewBB 2.0 Project Demo NewBB 2.0 Project The NewBB 2.0 belongs to all xoopers, the NewBB Project Team, the Xoops Developers and Supporters, the Xoops users. Greetz Predator and phppp