Modules: Netquery 1.0 (RC1) Available for Download

Posted by: RVirtueOn 2004/10/5 11:40:07 4084 reads
We are pleased to announce that Netquery v1.0 (RC1) is now available for download from the Dev.Xoops Project Page.

Netquery provides users of your site with a range of common network tools, including Whois lookups, DNS queries, ICMP ping, traceroute and server port checking. Each feature can be enabled or disabled individually by the administrator. Local execution and/or a remote server script can be used for the ping and traceroute features. The administrator can also configure the Whois feature to specify which Whois server is associated with each domain name.ext (TLD) entry and can add, modify and delete those entries in the Netquery Whois data table.

Based on beta testing and feedback to date, the Netquery 1.0 release candidate incorporates the following improved features:

- The Netquery module has been fully tested with both PHP4 and PHP5 (with E_STRICT) using the latest Xoops version

- Netquery's ping and traceroute functions now offer administrative options for fully configurable use of remote scripts and/or local execution, thus providing flexible options for both hosted sites and dedicated server environments.

- Administrative configuration options are now available for Netquery's logfile path and its datetime recording format.

- An updated reference manual is available online from links within Netquery's admin/config panel. To view the configuration page in a new window click here.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowlwedge the contributions of all those users who provided feedback on the beta versions. Your input has been invaluable in our effort to provide a utility module that is both useful for end users and easily managed by administrators. Thank you.