Modules: Theme Changer 2.0

Posted by: tmstmsOn 2004/5/10 12:33:18 10220 reads
Theme Changer 2.0 was released. This enables you to switch your themes for each module. By using a special theme file, a module and mysql, it switches themes.

+ Features +
- You can set a theme just for the top page of your site.
- You can configure themes and so on for each module.
What you can configure is as follows:
----Site titles
----Site subtitles

+ Using Sample +
-Layout particular pages, like WIKI or TinyContent, easer to see by using a theme altered places of blocks.
-Make unique mood module by module…
-Change your site’s title and META tags for search engines.

The possibility of this module depends on your usage.

+ Download +

+ Demo +

+ Install +
1st:Upload “theme_changer” into the modules directory in your server.
2nd:Install it.
3rd:Upload the enclosed theme “z_changeable_theme” into the themes directory.
4th:Change "Default theme" of preferences in system admin to “z_changeable_theme”.