Modules: Wordbook 1.00 -- It's here!

Posted by: hsalazarOn 2004/5/9 2:46:04 7200 reads
Some of you have kept asking for the 1.00 release of Wordbook. Your patience has produced this! Coming from the depths of my hideous lab, Wordbook 1.00 includes a lot of corrections (thanks to all of you who pointed them out) and a few additions (thanks to all of you who asked for them or suggested them).

If you can't wait, here's the link:

Wordbook v 1.00

If you want to know what's new, keep reading...

Here's a partial changelog. I do know the meaning of the term, but I'm actually too messy to keep good track of everything I do, so you'll have to bear with me...

+ I've corrected the handling of images, meaning they now show correctly in the definitions. In the process, I've forbidden their appearance in index pages and in blocks, so that they don't mess up with the theme.
+ I've cleaned a lot of code to allow the correct renaming of the module. Now you can call it whatever you want and it will work.
+ I've removed almost all direct references to the name, so if you need to clone the module it won't be that hard.
+ I've included a function to highlight the sought for term in the search results page. It has a yellow background, so it's easily seen.
+ I've corrected the pagination of the search results page, so now you can actually navigate as expected.
+ I've included an optional autolink feature. Default: yes. What this means is that whenever a user retrieves a definition, all the terms that already exist in the glossaries will appear linked.
+ I've optimized a lot code, creating many functions and in general cleaning the house as much as I could. I know there's a lot of overhead there, but I'm far from being an efficient coder, so...
+ I've updated the admin menu to include breadcrumbs and to use Mithrandir's and Predator's function.
+ I've included in this release spanish language files. After all, that's my mother tongue.

Here's what's left to do:
+ The main problem is that it still sometimes crashes the MSIE when creating entries. I have unsuccessfully tried to kill this bug days and days, nights and nights (sob | whimper | sob). All I can say is there is an easy workaround: you can create the entries without references and URL, and then edit the entry; this time the browser won't crash. Any help here will be more than welcome.
+ I need to update the help files. I'm presently in the process of recapturing screenshots.
+ I need to correct the templates so they display correctly on DIV-based themes. Don't know if this will be easy, as my CSS is very buggy.
+ I need to make a catalogue of the stylesheet with directions on how to customize the module's look easily.
+ I need to make a page with requested terms so registered users can look at them and, if they know the meaning of something, submit it. This will be somewhat easy to accomplish, I hope.
+ I need to create a way to easily import terms (or existing glossaries) into Wordbook. Still don't have a clue of how will do it, so if anyone has ideas about this, you're more than welcome to share them.

I think this module will be good enough for use in production sites. However, it might still have things to correct. All in all, I'd say it's versatile, more or less easy to set up, and nice enough to create good glossaries in XOOPS sites. I hope you like it.